What Technology Can Help You Get You Back to Work Safely?

What Technology Can Help You Get You Back to Work Safely?

What Technology Can Help You Get You Back to Work Safely?

COVID-19 has changed the way we work forever. With lockdown gradually easing, many companies are wondering how they can make their workplace a safe, hygienic environment while abiding by new social distancing guidelines.

How Can Technology Help Us Get Back to Work?

There’s a number of different options that work for different businesses. In this list, we’ve covered some of the most popular and cost-efficient technologies that can support a wide range of different businesses get back to work, whether it’s at the office or remotely.


Starting with the most obvious option, and one that caught on right from the start of the lockdown back in March, videoconferencing has helped thousands of companies around the world continue operating, with employees working remotely while the offices had to close down. Before the pandemic, videoconferencing was already becoming the new normal, especially for office-to-office meetings or giving employees the option to work from home, but since COVID-19 affected the whole world, videoconferencing providers like Zoom saw a huge increase in usage.

We are certified partners of many of the top videoconferencing providers, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Lifesize, Starleaf and more, and we’ve provided hundreds of solutions of all different sizes to a wide range of sectors.

Nureva Span Workspace

If you’re looking for the perfect collaboration software to support remote working, Nureva Span Workspace is, by far, our top recommendation. Span Workspace is a collaboration tool that encourages people to create ideas, workflows and projects together, whether they’re in the same room or around the world. It allows users to work together to add notes, annotations, checklists, images and just about anything else you’d otherwise be trying to Blu Tack onto the wall of your planning rooms.

A number of users can log into the canvas and contribute simultaneously, in real-time, whether they’re in the same room or around the world. A Nureva Span canvas can be scrolled through, reaching a total length of just under 61 metres of digital space, and with a Span Workspace subscription, you can create an unlimited number of canvases.

GoBright Desk Booking

With social distancing being one of the main concerns when trying to re-open workplaces, GoBright have created a perfect solution to get around the issue of hot-desking whilst also remaining at least 1.5-2 metres apart. GoBright allows desks to be booked in advance, and shows which desks are occupied at certain times, so within the easy-to-use system, employers can actually set every other desk as ‘non-bookable’ to maintain appropriate distance between colleagues easily and with no confusion or any staff training required.

Thermal Cameras

Thermal Camera displays are one of our latest additions to our huge range of technologies available. These freestanding digital displays use Melexis thermal imaging technology, in conjunction with cooling fans to maximise accuracy. This complete solution can read a user’s temperature and display the results in 1.8 seconds, even if they are wearing a mask. The automated nature of this system not only efficiently reduces manual labour, but also means it is completely contactless, which is of paramount importance in today’s world.

With 99.7% identification accuracy, this solution can also be used as a check in/out system for offices, warehouses and other secure locations. You can even create a whitelist and blacklist to control and restrict access, as well as recording all building entries. Adjust the identification security levels from using the photo on an ID card to high level military standard using a 3D face scan and body temperature check.

Hand Sanitiser Digital Signage

Our technology partner NowSignage have combined hygiene and hardware with their latest innovative product. This Digital Signage technology can reinforce messages on social distancing, provide directions to the nearest handwashing facilities, and show any other company guidelines that will support the re-opening of your offices. Attached to the signage is a hand sanitising station, which can alert you via the App when it needs refilling, and provide usage stats day-by-day. By installing the advanced LCD Hand Sanitiser Station, employers can play their important part in stopping the spread of infection and improving hygiene.

Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM)

When heading back into the office with new hygiene measures in place, sharing equipment such as laptops and phones is sure to be a thing of the past. Bring Your Own Meeting, or BYOM is the name given to a piece of technology that (rather than having a pre-configured meeting room system for wireless presentation, videoconferencing and so on) allows you to bring in and use your own device with the hardware already in the room. Rooms set up for ‘bring your own meeting’ have peripherals present in the room, such as a screen, microphone and camera, and a device such as the Solstice Conference or Barco ClickShare Conference to enable you to use your own device with the room’s technology. Not only is this a great time saver, as there’s hardly any setup required for a meeting, it also reduces sharing equipment such as a keyboard and mouse that would usually be present in the room, putting employees at less risk when presenting.

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