Mersive Solstice

Mersive Solstice

Drive collaboration in meeting and learning spaces with flexible, powerful content sharing, no cables or dongles required.

Solstice is a high performance, in-room meeting collaboration platform that improves the usability and productivity of meeting and learning spaces. In just one step users can connect and share high quality content to the in-room display from any device.

Mersive Solstice features include:

    • Unlimited users
    • High-performance wireless streaming
    • Enterprise secure and scalable
    • Wireless collaboration
    • Intuitive content control
    • On-screen markup

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Unlimited Users, Any Device

Solstice offers flexible sharing options to support virtually every user.

  • BYOD support for laptops, tablets and smartphones
  • Sharing options include the Solstice app, AirPlay, Miracast, a web browser, or the HDMI-in port
  • Same easy Solstice app interface on all devices

High-Performing Wireless Streaming

Solstice has implemented the industry’s highest performance, most network-efficient streaming technology for wireless content sharing.

  • Uses both the corporate and guest network
  • Supports multiple native 4K video streams (up to 30fps) on one display
  • Supports non-broadcast mechanism for connecting to displays

Enterprise Secure and Scalable

Solstice has been deployed in some of the most secure institutions in the world and is engineered from the bottom-up to be enterprise secure and scalable.

  • RSA-based encryption algorithms with 2048 bit keys
  • No content is stored on the Solstice Pod
  • Secure deployment monitoring and management tools
  • Annual third-party penetration testing
  • Separate network interfaces for corporate and guest users
Mersive Solstice Enterprise Security

Beyond Content Sharing: Wireless Collaboration

Solstice doesn’t just enable users to share content one at a time. It enables users to engage and compare multiple content sources in real time to drive more efficient meetings that produce better results.

Intuitive Content Control

With the Solstice app’s drag-and-drop interface, users can arrange and control on-screen content to get the most out of team interactions.

  • Drag content to optimal on-screen locations
  • Dock and hide on-screen content for later use
  • Enable moderator mode to approve content before posting
  • Pinch-to-zoom posts on touch-enabled devices

Wireless On-Screen Markup

Using the Solstice App, anyone can wirelessly highlight and temporarily markup content by pointing their smartphone at the room display.

  • Highlight content using pointer mode as you would a laser pointer
  • Markup content from anywhere in the room
  • Uses AI to recognize shapes and automatically smooth edges
  • Compatible with both iOS and Android mobile devices


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