Khipu Networks

Cyber Security Operations Centre

Khipu Networks are cyber security specialists who provide networking and cyber security solutions across all market sectors around the world, which are overseen by their 24x7x365 Network and Security Operations Centre in the UK. To that end, they required a new state-of-the-art video wall management solution that would allow their operators to visualize the entirety of their data and informational feeds in the most efficient way to improve operational efficiency and response times.



With today’s increase in cyber security risks, Khipu proactively monitors clients’ infrastructure and security postures to provide immediate identification of problems either before or as they occur — allowing quick alerting, action, and resolution. This means staff must have eyes on clients’ entire IT environments, which can include LAN, WiFi, next-gen firewalls, RADIUS, WANs, UPS power supplies, IoT, servers, service/application, and more. Khipu’s existing solution was not flexible enough to give them the insight to allow for rapid response — with equipment failures and nagging intermittent issues becoming the norm. They needed to be able to change the content dynamically and provide operators an easier, more user-friendly interface to see what they need to see when and how they need to see it. They needed a single technology solution that would allow their integrator to effortlessly build an IP-based video wall as well as provide Khipu staff with a centralized video management platform with customizable views that can be changed as needed, enabling the company to continually monitor environments and enable faster response times to problems and change requests from customers.

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James Holland

UK Technical Manager at Khipu Networks

“Our video wall is critical to our Cyber Security Operations Center. We are extremely pleased with the performance and ease of use of VuWall’s PAK and TRx solution. Learning to operate and manage video wall content took minutes. The intuitive software and rich feature set will certainly improve response times and increase productivity in our control room. Knowing how easy it will be to increase the size of our video wall with PAK, as our demands change, is very reassuring. The fast and easy deployment was impressive. We are confident that our integrator made the right choice with VuWall.”


To meet the demand for flexibility and modularity, the integrator, Clear VC, proposed VuWall, a global technology leader in video wall control systems and unified visualization solutions. VuWall pioneered a new and disruptive approach to video wall management in AV-over-IP environments, bridging AV, IT and IP systems to seamlessly manage and control visual content throughout organizations. VuWall provides state-of-the-art video wall controllers, encoders, and decoders — all managed by their unique and interoperable
TRx Centralized Management Platform. TRx eliminates the complexity of traditional video wall control and signal distribution over IP, with easy drag-and drop operations and without any programming. TRx has set a new industry benchmark in ease of use and deployment for the most effective distribution of any source to any type of display in professional and mission-critical applications, which proved to be an ideal solution for Khipu’s NOC.

Thanks to its unique interoperable and hybrid design, TRx simplifies the integration of third-party products. Already supporting a variety of AV-over-IP protocols (H.264, SDVoE, NDI) and compatible with multiple brands such as NETGEAR, Samsung, LG, IHSE, Adder, Genetec, and many others, TRx continues to grow its ecosystem, ensuring future-proof and scalable deployments. Ideal for integrators and operators that tackle complicated systems with multiple source types and brands on a single network.

Clear VC built the perfect 3×2 video wall for the NOC, comprised of six LG 55SVH7F 0.44mm bezel displays, powered by two VuWall PAK 40 video wall nodes, stitched together. PAK is a compact, networked, multi-decode appliance that can operate as a standalone device or be stitched with other PAKs to build an IP-based video wall that is infinitely scalable. It simplifies video wall deployments by reducing the number of connections and eliminating a single point of failure, reducing project risk, and offering improved reliability. Unlike traditional video wall systems, it’s extremely easy to build video walls with PAK of any size, simply by adding more PAKs. PAK features up to four HD or one 4Kp60 output and multiformat decoding up to 32 HD streams per device including H.264, NDI, PNG, JPEG and VNC/remote desktops or virtualized browsers. Its eco-friendly design boasts a compact form factor and low power consumption. PAK is small enough to be mounted behind monitors, saving rack space, and reducing extended video cable runs.

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TRx Centralized Management
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VuStream 150 Encoder
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ControlVu Touch Panel

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The installation at Khipu also included a VuWall’s VuStream 150 encoder appliance and Application Server, which are also centrally managed by TRx. The VuStream 150 provides single stream encoding of H.264 and H.265 sources in FHD and UHD. The Application Server is an appliance used for streaming, sharing, controlling, and visualizing websites, dashboards, and applications across networks. The Application Server simplifies video wall deployments by providing quick access to websites, dashboards, and applications from a centralized source — an absolute must for the NOC.



Clear VC’s deployment of VuWall’s video wall management solution delivered the exact flexibility and ease of use that Khipu’s NOC demanded, aligning with the missioncritical requirement of the cyber security service provider. Khipu is confident they made the right choice for both today’s needs and their future needs by selecting scalable, interoperable and future-proof technology.

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Rebecca McCartney

Operations Manager at ClearVC

“As one of the very first PAK customers, we are now confident that this technology is the future of video wall deployments. We were extremely impressed with the quick and easy installation of the system and the ease of configuration, yielding to a low-risk deployment. The feedback from Khipu’s cyber security control room operators has been extremely positive, especially with respect to performance and ease of use. We clearly made the right choice and look forward to many more control room and video wall projects with VuWall.”