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Audio Visual is used across nearly every industry for a range of purposes. For example, in retail, Digital Signage is used to advertise products and attract shoppers, in the workplace, Wireless Presentation Systems and Interactive Displays can be used for collaborative and engaging meetings, in events spaces, IPTV can be used to live stream the event to a network of displays around the building.

ClearVC provide Audio Visual solutions to customers in a range of sectors and industries. With over 10 years experience in AV solutions, our key strengths is understanding customer requirements, not just from an aesthetic design position but also from a technical perspective.

What Are Audio Visual Solutions?

Audio Visual solutions are technology solutions that provide stunning visuals and sound. In the modern world, we experience Audio Visual technology all around us in some form.

Solutions include Digital Signage & IPTV, Video Walls, Wireless Presentation Systems, Interactive Displays and more.

IPTV Solutions
Digital Signage Solutions

Benefits of Audio Visual Solutions:

  • Eye-catching advertising opportunities
  • Save waste and money when compared to traditional print
  • Easy-to-use solutions
  • Provide viewers with stunning visual experiences

Our Audio Visual Solutions

Wireless Presentation Systems

Wireless presenting makes presentations easy by connecting and presenting in an instant without delay, allowing you to make a professional impact every time.

Wireless Presentation Systems
Video Walls

Video Walls

We build LED video walls for offices, retail, hotels, restaurants, schools, universities, sports stadiums, hospitals and a range of other environments.

Digital Signage

Ranging from a single screen player to full network solutions with WAN & LAN connectivity, ClearVC can design and implement a digital signage solution to meet your complete needs.

Digital Signage


We work with TriplePlay to provide IPTV with integrated digital signage, delivery to STB, smart TV, tablet, PC & mobile and full 4K workflow.

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Audio Visual Solutions

Why ClearVC?

  • We supply simple, easy-to-use and reliable AV solutions
  • We are certified reseller partners of leading, global brands
  • We have over 10 years of experience in AV
  • We provide expert advice and we find the right solution for your needs, at the best price
  • Highly experienced team and ongoing support

Our helpful team are on hand to discuss your requirements and guide you through the process.

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