Wireless Presentation Systems


Lengthy cables, compatibility issues, awkward set-ups and delayed starts. All of these are the nightmares of meetings in the modern workplace, but many organisations still face these issues daily when it comes to presenting and sharing from laptops and tablets. Wireless Presentation Systems make sharing content easy by connecting and presenting in an instant, allowing you to make a professional impact and start meetings on time, every time.

ClearVC work with the leading Wireless Presentation System vendors to provide expert solutions and help organisations get the most our of their meetings.

What is a Wireless Presentation System?

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A Wireless Presentation System is a device that allows you to present or cast your screen to a display with no wires or other connections needed.

Wireless Presentation Systems provide the ability to mirror your screen and audio, share content and conduct videoconferencing calls on a room’s display right from your own device.

Benefits of a Wireless Presentation System:

  • Run presentations quickly with just one click
  • Wireless connecting without the need for cables
  • BYOD (bring your own device) compatible
  • No lengthy set-ups before meetings
  • Anyone, including visitors, can connect and share right away
  • Sleek and professional device
Wireless Presentation Systems

Wireless Presentation System Vendors


Simply tap to wirelessly connect your mobile device to the room display, and get ready to present from anywhere in the room. ScreenBeam streamlines the process of connecting mobile devices to displays and projectors by eliminating the need for AV cables, and HDMI or VGA adapters. Meetings start instantly, and switching of presenters is seamless. These minutes saved easily compound into hours of increased productivity.

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The most intuitive user experience for meeting collaboration.

  • Hassle-free content sharing
  • Share via the ClickShare Button or App
  • Integrates seamlessly with company network
  • Collaborate using annotation, blackboarding and touch back features

Crestron AirMedia 2.0

The fastest, easiest, most manageable and secure wireless presentation technology.

  • Connect from any browser on any network
  • Smooth video playback with real-time keyboard and mouse tracking
  • Secure endpoint means it works with your existing infrastructure
  • Can be managed remotely

Mersive Solstice

The Solstice platform offers a wireless presentation experience that puts content at the centre of every meeting. Fit for any meeting space – such as conference rooms, huddle spaces or classrooms – Solstice will help you spend less time setting up and more time collaborating.

Yealink Wireless Presentation Pod

Combining a self-built 5G Wi-Fi, WPP20, the wireless presentation pod, partners up with Yealink’s new-generation video conferencing system to offer high-quality wireless content sharing with just one tap.

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Why ClearVC?

  • We have over 10 years experience providing workplace technology
  • We are certified partners of leading Wireless Presentation System vendors
  • Our experts can show you all the features and help you get the most out of your new system
  • We provide knowledge and advice to find the right solution for your needs, at the best price
  • We provide ongoing support via our dedicated helpdesk

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