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A Council Chamber or Auditorium is a large space specifically designed for presenting to an audience who can watch, listen and engage. Audio visual technology is an essential part of these spaces, and there are a large variety of technologies available, from HD projection systems and LED video walls, to microphones and speakers, with a central system for controlling and managing all of the technology at once.

ClearVC have over 10 years’ experience in the design, provision, installation and maintenance of audio visual systems in Council Chambers, Auditoriums and Event Spaces for customers in a range of industries including corporate, government, education and more.

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Council Chambers and Auditoria are able to accommodate many different types of events, including seminars, training, conferences, debates, Q&As and more. A successful space needs to be carefully designed with technology, acoustics and lighting to be considered.

ClearVC’s expert team have completed a number of Council Chamber and Auditorium projects to a high standard. Our solution designers and engineers have the knowledge and experience to solve the complex needs of any large space.

Council Chamber & Auditorium Technology

Projection Systems

When it comes to displaying messages or presenting content, a projection system can be used to display high definition visuals on a backdrop behind the speaker or elsewhere.

Auditorium Projectors
Auditorium Screens & Displays

Screens & Displays

Presentations need to be seen by all audience members wherever they’re seated. Large format displays, whether via a projector an LED video wall, are usually accompanied by additional displays that repeat content around the space, ensuring that it can be seen by everyone.


Participants and attendees are not always in the same room, so ensuring that people joining remotely can see and hear everything clearly is essential. Cameras mounted around the room can easily capture and live stream the events through a videoconferencing platform, in full HD and from multiple angles.

Auditorium Cameras
Auditorium Microphones


In a large auditorium, microphones need to capture and amplify voices so that they can be heard clearly and consistently within the room, and by virtual attendees watching a live stream of the event.

Audience Participation

Audience participation is an integral part of an auditorium. To maximise engagement, you can equip each seat with a touch-to-talk microphone that enables audience members to be heard clearly throughout the space with crystal clear audio.

Auditorium Audience Participation Technology
Auditorium Speakers

Speakers / PA

In large spaces, it can be difficult to hear what’s being said from every seat in the room without high quality speakers to amplify audio.

Control Systems

Council Chamber & Auditorium AV systems require an intelligent central system to manage and control the technology in the room, making changes to lighting, audio, video and more either on a schedule or live during events.

Council Chamber Solutions

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