Logitech for Zoom Rooms


Logitech create videoconferencing systems for small, medium ( and large rooms preconfigured for Zoom Rooms on Windows.

Why buy Logitech Zoom Room system from ClearVC?

    • We can specify the right solution for your business needs
    • Highly experienced in installing Zoom Room solutions
    • Solve challenging acoustic environments
    • Experienced helpdesk and on-site support

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Build Your Zoom Rooms

Easily deploy video conferencing in all of your meeting spaces with Logitech Room Solutions for Zoom Rooms. Each pre-configured system includes a mini PC and PC mount with cable retention for a simple and secure install.

Logitech Room Systems

Small Room

Logitech Zoom Room - Small

Medium Room

Logitech Zoom Room - Medium

Large Room

Logitech Zoom Room - Large

Tap Into Zoom Rooms With Ease

Deploy Zoom Rooms at scale with Logitech Tap. Deliver one-touch join and easy content-sharing for a seamless meeting experience across rooms of all shapes and sizes. Users can also join a room or add it to the meeting using “proximity join” from a smartphone or laptop.

Find and Get to the Right Room

Make it easy to get to the right place with Tap Scheduler, a Zoom Rooms Scheduling Display that signals room availability from a distance, is remarkably simple to set up, and is designed for deployment at scale.

Get Everyone On Board

Logitech Scribe

Effortlessly share whiteboards into your Zoom meetings by adding Logitech Scribe, an AI-powered whiteboard camera elegantly-designed for the modern office. With Scribe, both remote and in-office workers can have the best seat at the table.


There’s no better way to understand all of the features and the benefits of a Logitech Zoom Room system than with a live demonstration with our experts. Book yours today!