What is a Huddle Room?

What is a Huddle Room?

A huddle room is a small meeting room for brainstorming, planning and catch up sessions. They’re great for those quick meetings that take place between small teams that don’t require a full boardroom, but still need to be away from distractions.

Every company loves saving money, and huddle rooms can help you do just that. Due to their size, usability and cost to fully fit-out, they maximise your office space’s potential.

Why Do You Need a Huddle Room?

Small, and seating only around 3 to 5 people, a huddle room gives team members a more welcoming and involved feel than if everyone was packed into a boardroom. Employees are more willing to contribute in smaller numbers, and feel like their presence is a lot more valued than if they were just another seat at the table in a large boardroom. Add some specifically-designed technology into the mix, and you can transform your small spaces into collaborative powerhouses.

Huddle Room Technology

Huddle rooms are usually equipped with some audio and video conferencing technology for communication with remote workers. Some of our technology partners provide systems specifically designed for huddle room spaces, such as the Lifesize® Icon 300™ camera – with its ultra-wide angle lens and 4K video sharing capabilities, it is the ultimate choice for huddle room technology.

As huddle rooms are designed for impromptu get-togethers, there’s no need for some of the technology that is essential for boardrooms and other larger meeting rooms, such as room booking systems. If everyone was relying on the same boardroom for all their quick, 5-minute meetings, and scheduling them through a room booking system, the room would be fully booked weeks in advance. This is where huddle spaces prove their worth – by allowing people to drop in and out whenever they need a few moments alone or with a small group.

Our Huddle Room Solutions

We are proud to have huddle rooms on the list of workspace solutions we offer. We can supply and install all of the technology your huddle rooms need in order to maximise their return, and we partner with some of the biggest, most reputable brands in the industry. To find out more, give us a call on 0800 368 7358 and book a free demonstration of our technology solutions.

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