Why You Should Choose Digital Signage Over Print

Why You Should Choose Digital Signage Over Print

Why You Should Choose Digital Signage Over Print

Digital signage has been around for a while, and as technology is advancing, it is becoming increasingly accessible. Historically, many businesses are sceptical to choose a digital signage solution due to the initial investment, but is it worth it? In this list, we’ve covered the main factors that come into question when considering upgrading from traditional print advertising.


The main factor that puts people off choosing a digital signage option, is the initial investment cost. Traditional print signage is a much lower initial cost than a digital signage solution, but you will need to consider the costs in the long-run. If you plan on updating your signage frequently, with print signage you’ll have to get an entirely new sign created and fitted in place of the old one every time, whereas updating digital signage can be as simple as uploading content through a web browser.


There’s a plethora of data around the use of digital signage and its effect on people, but all of the data consistently shows that engagement and interest in digital signage is much more than that of print advertising. MarketScale wrote about a study where an offer was posted on both digital and static signs on a shop window that a free tote bag was available inside. The study found that while only six took up the offer when it was displayed on a static sign, nearly 100 times the people did so when it was a digitally displayed offer.

Environmental Factors

Businesses are always taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint. The creation process of print signage uses a lot of energy, and when the signage becomes outdated and redundant, the physical print itself becomes waste. The chemicals in the ink and dye used in print signage are also known to be harmful to the environment.

It makes sense, then, that so many businesses are changing their ways and opting for a digital signage solution to reduce their long-term impact on the environment. There are many low-energy LED digital signage options available, and their popularity is rapidly growing.

Time Saving

When ordering print, delays will always incur. Whether it’s waiting for samples, requesting changes, waiting to receive the final product or even getting the sign fitted, it’s a lengthy process. With digital signage, changes can be made and uploaded almost instantly. For businesses that regularly change their signage to display special offers or new products, digital signage is definitely the right option.

Another time saving feature of digital signage is the ability to share the same image across a number of screens, even in different locations. For larger companies, the time saved on fitting new signage can make a huge difference.

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