What is a Contact Centre as-a-Service (CCaaS)?

What is a Contact Centre as-a-Service (CCaaS)?

What is a Contact Centre as-a-Service

We have recently moved all of our customer communications onto Serenova’s CxEngage platform. This allows our team to work remotely without requiring anything more than access to the Internet and a web browser, and the entire process was up and running within 48 hours.

What Is It?

Put simply, contact centre as-a-service, or cloud contact centre, is a platform for call centres that is hosted in the cloud, instead of on-premise, on which all inbound and outbound communication with customers is hosted. The Serenova platform allows you to reach customers through phone, text, email, chat or social media, all in one place. Because all communication is hosted online with a cloud contact centre, it ensures uptime, all the time, and Serenova have an automatic fail-over in their infrastructure which guarantees permanent uptime.

What Are the Benefits?

There are many benefits, so we’ll cover just a few of them…

Allow Advisors to Work From Home

In modern contact centres, remote advisors have been exceptionally popular. Opening up the barriers for remote advisors also offers the contact centre to expand its hiring range in terms of location and makes it easier to “draft in” advisors during unexpected rises in contact volumes.

With a cloud-based contact centre solution, allowing remote advisors is simple and efficient. As these applications are often provided as a service, advisors can simply connect to the platform using a standard internet connection, regardless of geographic location.

Unifying Fractured Communication Channels

With so many methods of communication at consumers’ fingertips – be it voice, video, social media, phone or email – employees are now facing an explosion of disjointed inbound information in addition to their own internal communications channels, such as Slack or Skype.

These various channels lead to disjointed service and a system that is difficult and clunky for staff to use, resulting in substandard customer service and a sub-par working experience.

Unifying fragmented communications channels and contact centre solutions under one roof means different parts of the business are no longer siloed. Instead, there’s a steady flow of customer information between departments, resulting in improved cross-collaboration and united staff.

Cloud-Based Intelligent Call Routing

Not only do staff benefit from having all customer information in one place, but customers benefit from dealing with advisors who can deliver outstanding service, every time.

One of the main frustrations for customers is being passed between multiple advisors to have their query answered. AI-enabled cloud-based contact centre technology is helping advisors to be more focused and respond to calls quicker.

With intelligent call routing, the caller can automatically be identified along with their reason for calling, and they can be connected by AI directly to the right expert to resolve their call at the first outreach.

Also, AI can automatically show detailed information on previous interactions and a complete customer history while the caller is on the line, so advisors can handle their query quickly and efficiently.

How Can I Get It?

We are a certified partner of Serenova and can help you get your contact centre onto the cloud, which (as highlighted throughout this article) takes just 48 hours to be up and running. If you’re interested in the CxEngage platform and want to try it for yourself, or just simply want more information, visit our Serenova CxEngage page, or give us a call on 0800 368 7358.

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