What is the Logitech Tap?

What is the Logitech Tap?

What is the Logitech Tap?

Earlier this year, Logitech first showcased their new Tap touch-control display for meeting rooms, that’s designed to work alongside their other meeting room technology such as the MeetUp, Rally and Rally Plus cameras to create a simple, cost effective room solution.

What is it?

The Logitech Tap is a touchscreen room solution device which can be set up via USB to a computer in a matter of seconds. The Tap can be used as an additional display to deliver everything from touch-to-join accessibility, calendar integration, instant-content sharing and more. It has a number of impressive features such as its 1280×800 10.1-inch touchscreen display with anti-glare and oleophobic coating, multiple mounting options and a built-in motion sensor for always-on readiness.

Who is it For?

There are 3 bundles that the Logitech Tap comes in; small rooms, medium rooms, and large rooms, each with suitable technology scaling to the size and capacity of your meeting rooms. The ease of use and different bundle options make it a great room solution for businesses of all sizes. If you already have a videoconferencing solution with Microsoft Teams, Zoom Rooms or Google Meet, you’re in luck as the Logitech Tap integrates with each of these solutions.

How Can I Get it?

If you’re interested in the Logitech Tap and would like more information on the product you can talk to our experts and request a free demonstration by calling 0800 368 7358.

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