Benefits of Interactive Displays

Benefits of Interactive Displays

Interactive Displays

Interactive displays are increasing in popularity in a number of industries, from education to business. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits and reasons for their growing demand over traditional whiteboards:

Easy to Use

Everyone knows how to use a touchscreen, or if they don’t, it’s extremely easy to pick up. Some people in meetings, schools and other environments may not be very computer-literate and uncomfortable operating a PC on their own, so an interactive display is the perfect solution. Using a touchscreen is extremely straightforward, even without prior training.

Interactive displays are everywhere due to their ease-of-use. All major supermarkets have a ‘self checkout’ option now with touchscreens, fast food restaurants are also another common place for interactive displays, allowing customers to navigate through the menu and place their order simply through the interactive screen.

More Engaging

Interactive displays can increase engagement in any environment. The way our brains learn and retain information best is through visual aids and interactivity. Studies carried out by The University of Wisconsin on the use of interactive displays in classrooms reported that visual aids, specifically interactive types, increased learning rates by nearly 200%.

Harvard and Columbia University studies also found that, through the use of interactive displays and smart whiteboards, student retention went up by 38%, and that the time it took to explain problems dropped by 15%.

Saves Space

Without the need for a mouse and keyboard (and therefore, a desk or table), an interactive display takes up a lot less space than running a PC through a projector, and also increases the aesthetic of your workspace, by simply being a flat display on the wall. This makes interactive displays a popular choice in huddle rooms, where space is limited.


People whose abilities are limited in some way, whether their struggle is operating a keyboard and mouse, or seeing text on a screen, an interactive display is the best solution to overcome these difficulties. Usually coming in large formats, and with the simplicity of point-and-click operation, it helps resolve some of the issues that these individuals would normally face when trying to use a standard PC.

The addition of interactive displays in public areas such as shops, restaurants and supermarkets allowing you to self checkout, also helps support those with social anxiety and confidence issues.

Our Interactive Displays

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