What is ScreenBeam?

What is ScreenBeam?

We have recently become an authorised reseller of ScreenBeam.

ScreenBeam was founded in 1993, developing wireless presentation and screen mirroring technology. They created the first Wi-Fi certified wireless display receiver and the first enterprise-class Miracast receiver in the market, and they have shipped over a million units worldwide!

What Is It?

ScreenBeam create wireless presentation technology with a number of solutions to suit a variety of sectors, including; healthcare, education, government, in the office and at home.

Their systems use Miracast, which provides screen native mirroring for Windows, Android and Apple devices, wirelessly. All you need to do is tap to wirelessly connect your mobile device to the room display and you can present from anywhere in the room. This eliminates the need for AV cables, and HDMI or VGA adaptors.

Who Is It For?

ScreenBeam can be used in many industries and fulfil a variety of purposes. In the office, meetings may get delayed while attendees try to find the right app or the right cable to present their screen on the room display. With a ScreenBeam device you can connect your device to the room display with a a single tap, eliminating the need to find and plug-in any cables or download any applications to your device. Or in education, teachers can get more engagement and collaboration by sharing their screen to the board and allow students to contribute and share from their own devices, wirelessly.

The wireless and contactless nature of ScreenBeam’s technology allows you to create safe employee group collaboration whilst following government guidelines on social distancing, helping you get back to work safely.

How Can I Get It?

As we are now an authorised reseller, simply give us a call on 0800 368 7358 to speak to one of our experts. We can discuss your requirements with you and recommend the right ScreenBeam system to suit your needs.

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