Is Lifesize Videoconferencing Secure?

Is Lifesize Videoconferencing Secure?

Is Lifesize Videoconferencing Secure

Security is an important factor to have in mind when considering any videoconferencing solution, cloud-based services included. Lifesize has emphasised security and privacy since launching their service in 2014.


All Lifesize cloud-based calling capacity is hosted within highly secure data centres, leveraging independent third-[arty security and privacy certifications such as SOC and ISO270001 to ensure the most secure and reliable foundation possible. The Lifesize service, room systems and client software provide secure and encrypted video, audio, presentation (media) and call setup (signalling) in every call end to end. Encryption cannot be disabled by either administrator or user. All calls are encrypted with no trade-off in quality.

Access Control

Licensed users can be assigned one of three roles within the Lifesize app. These roles and their capabilities are as follows


    • Place and receive calls
  • Mute your own audio or video
  • Create and own a meeting
  • Set or change a passcode for a meeting you own
  • Hide a meeting you own from the directory
  • Add or remove individual or all participants in a meeting you own
  • Mute individual or all participants in a meeting you own
  • Chat with users or a group (if the Administrator has enabled chat)
  • Live stream a meeting in a meeting you own (if the Administrator has enabled the meeting room for live streaming)
  • Record a meeting (if the Administrator has enabled recording)
  • Specify who can view a recording for a recording you own


Same permissions as User, plus you can;

  • View usage reports
  • Promote a User to a Superuser
  • Demote a Superuser to a User
  • Manage and delete Superusers and Users
  • Manage and delete any meetings
  • Hide any meeting from the directory
  • Hide any User or Superuser from the directory
  • Hide any room system from the directory that is not associated with the Administrator
  • Enable or disable chat
  • Enable or disable recording (if applicable with subscription level)
  • Enable or disable live streaming on specific meetings (if applicable with subscription level)
  • Enable or disable Lifesize Icon event alerts
  • Configure single sign-on (SSO) (if applicable with subscription level)
  • Configure integration with common calendaring services for one-click calling
  • Configure dial-in PSTN phone numbers for meeting invites (if applicable with subscription options)
  • Configure call details for meeting invites
  • Customize Lifesize Icon wallpaper and Lifesize® PhoneTM HD user interface
  • Configure meeting layouts
  • Restrict the user email domains allowed to create new accounts in the Lifesize app


Same permissions as User and Superuser, plus;

  • Your account and permissions cannot be changed or deleted by a User or Superuser
  • You can hide yourself from the directory
  • You can hide room systems associated with your own user account from the directory

Data Retention

Video communication data is transient in nature and encrypted in flight. Lifesize does not view, record or otherwise store any video conference media (audio, video or presentation). The only call data Lifesize stores is basic metadata of each call so that customer administrators can access usage reports and information. This data does not include any media.

Should you choose to leave the Lifesize service, this information will be permanently deleted 180 days following the end of your contract. Similarly, server logging is retained for the purposes of technical support engagements and troubleshooting for 30 days. This data does not include any media.

Get Started

If you’re in the market for a new videoconferencing solution, and want a secure , reliable and trustworthy provider, why not sign up for a free trial of Lifesize Cloud? Click here to get started, or give our experts a call on 0800 368 7358.

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