How Technology Has Changed the Modern Workplace

How Technology Has Changed the Modern Workplace

What is a Huddle Room?

When you look back in time and consider that the first microcomputers were introduced into the workplace less than 45 years ago, it really puts into perspective how quickly technology is advancing, and in doing so, it’s completely changing the workplace around us.

We’ve gone over a few areas of the modern workplace that have completely changed with the technology takeover:


Communication in the workplace has changed significantly in the last few years, with the arrival of videoconferencing, team chat applications and smartphones with Internet and email access. Each of these technologies has advanced themselves from when they first appeared in the workplace. Videoconferencing first became popular in the 1980’s, with major advancements in Internet technology and video compression in the 90’s enabling it to be more accessible. These days, companies can video conference in 4K effortlessly with hardware like the Lifesize 700 or Crestron Flex.

But it’s not just communication between colleagues that has changed. With digital signage technology improving, businesses can grab customers’ attention and communicate visually in a way they never could before. Statistics show that 8/10 customers have entered a store purely because of digital signage outside catching their attention.


In recent years, room booking systems have started to be integrated into workplaces, completely removing all the issues previously mentioned. Most room booking systems have integration with popular third-party calendar applications such as Outlook and Office 365, meaning that when a meeting room is booked, everyone knows. Having a schedule for the meeting room in advance means that organisations can save on bills by not unnecessarily having the heating/air-conditioning on if they know that the room will be empty for the rest of the day.


Have you ever seen a planning/’scrum’ room? Post-it notes, drawings and whiteboard scribbles covering every bit of wall space in the room. All it takes is just one of those notes to go missing, or have indecipherable handwriting and an entire project can fall apart.

With systems such as Nureva Span, employees can create a canvas, using notes, text boxes, sketches, images and even PDF’s, and it’s all stored in the cloud so there’s no chance of losing a crucial part of the project plan. Users can also invite others to collaborate on their canvas from anywhere. Gone are the days where project planning meetings needed to be organised weeks in advance, hoping everyone can make it and no other meetings crop up in the meantime. With Nureva Span, teams can connect from their laptop, tablet or phone to give their input on the go.

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