5 Reasons You Need a Room Booking System

5 Reasons You Need a Room Booking System

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Booking a meeting room and trying to get everyone to stick to the schedule can be a difficult task, and usually results in underutilised meeting room spaces. We provide a range of room booking systems to suit any budget, so here are the top 5 benefits of having one:

No More Double Booking

Double booking is a common problem for meeting rooms, and it can be quite embarrassing when you have an important client meeting, only to find out that someone else is already using the room you booked. Double bookings usually occur due to people using different systems for the same room – some are using a paper-based system, scribbling their name onto a sheet outside the room, others may be emailing the office manager to book a room, then some won’t bother booking at all, and just go into the room hoping no one else needs it.

A room booking system eliminates this problem. They’re easy to use, and everyone has full visibility of a meeting room’s availability.

Integrate with Your Existing Calendar

Keeping track of bookings and working a meeting into your busy schedule couldn’t be easier. Most organisations use Microsoft Exchange or Office 365 for their calendar application, and one of the main benefits of a room booking system is that they integrate straight into your calendar. You can book a meeting and it will be automatically added as an event to your personal calendar. Some booking systems can integrate with other third-party calendars, so if you’re unsure if your calendar will be compatible, get in touch and we’ll find out for you!

Book On-The-Go

A lot of room booking systems allow access from mobile devices, so you don’t even need to be at work, logged in to your desktop to book a meeting. This becomes especially handy when at a meeting with a client and trying to pencil in another face-to-face, you can see the availability of all of your meeting rooms right from your phone, and book it there and then.

More Efficient Meeting Rooms

Having a digital schedule for the meeting room can help you save costs and run the room more efficiently. If you know the room will be empty for the next few hours, you can turn the heating/air-conditioning and lights off, without having to worry about making it uncomfortable for the next person – just simply put the heating/cooling system back on just before the next meeting and save energy costs for the times it’s not needed.

Easily Request Catering & Extras

Sometimes just the room isn’t enough. Coffee, tea and water are a welcome addition during a meeting, or a tasty lunch if it’s a longer meeting that requires a break. Maybe you need a second presentation screen or wireless audio set. Some meeting room booking systems have added services that let you book catering and extra items before, during and after a meeting.

Our Room Booking System Options

We provide and install a number of Room Booking Systems for a range of budgets. Take a look at our Room Booking Systems page and see what solutions we offer. For more information or a free demonstration of any of our products, please give us a call on 0800 368 7358 or head to our contact page.

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