Benefits of a Huddle Room

Benefits of a Huddle Room

Huddle rooms are gaining popularity in many workplaces, and it’s easy to see why. We’ve already written a piece explaining what a huddle room is, so now let’s take a look at some of the benefits of integrating these small collaborative spaces into your workplace.

Small Space – Big Impact

Despite huddle rooms seating only 3-4 people, they can potentially host more productive meetings than a boardroom seating 15. In a boardroom environment, employees tend to shy away, not wanting to speak up and get involved in front of so many of their peers, so there’s often a lot of disengagement and uninterested attendees. In a huddle room meeting, it’s less intimidating. Having a chat in a smaller, private space with just a few people can really get teams working together and engaging in effective discussions.

Cost Effective

Huddle rooms are significantly cheaper to set up and fit out with technology than a standard meeting room or boardroom, plus they take up a lot less space. You could create four huddle rooms fully fitted with technology solutions for more-or-less the same cost, and around the same amount of office space as one single boardroom, allowing four small teams to meet simultaneously instead of taking turns waiting for the boardroom. Every bit of space in your office costs money in rent, utility bills and cleaning, so huddle rooms are the perfect way to maximise the small, otherwise wasted spaces.

No Need to Reserve

The type of meetings that are held in huddle rooms, such as impromptu 1-to-1’s, quick planning sessions, 10-minute video calls, and such, are all the type of meetings you’d need to do in the moment, rather than checking when a meeting room is free and scheduling it into your calendar at a time that suits everyone best. Most companies choose not to integrate a room booking system into their huddle rooms so that employees can just drop in and out whenever they need to, and for as long as they need to use the space for.

Support Remote Workers

Remote working is becoming more and more popular, but one of the main problems that arises with remote staff is the feeling of being left out by not being in the office, and not to mention the added pressure in large meetings that they have to video conference into. Huddle rooms can completely change this dynamic, allowing a small space in the office where a remote worker can video conference a few members of the team in a smaller, more laid back environment.

No More Booked Up Boardrooms

Huddle rooms may be the perfect solution for quick collaborative meetings on the fly, but boardrooms are still an essential meeting space in any workplace. Formal meetings with more participants, or client visits to your office will require the space and technology a boardroom provides. Having a few handy huddle rooms in your workplace means that the boardroom will be freed up for you to book in some time, so you’re not left waiting around leaving a poor impression on both staff and visiting clients.

Huddle Room Solutions

If you’re interested in utilising the smaller spaces in your office and creating your own huddle rooms, get in touch. We partner with industry-leading technology manufacturers to provide a complete huddle room solution from design, to integration, then ongoing technology support. For more information and a free demonstration of any of our huddle room technology, visit our Huddle Room Solutions page or give us a call on 0800 368 7358.

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