5 Reasons to Integrate A Wireless Presentation System

5 Reasons to Integrate A Wireless Presentation System

Wireless Presentation Systems

Wireless presentation systems are a device that let users cast content from their device onto a larger display, the same way a normal presentation system would work, but wirelessly through local WiFi or Bluetooth.

Wireless presenting isn’t brand new technology, it’s been around for a few years. However, most companies are still using wired presentation systems and projectors in meetings, cluttering the workspace with cables and creating lengthy waits while everything is set up.

As a leading UK integrator of wireless presentation systems, we’ve written a list of our top reasons to invest in a wireless presentation system:

No More Cables

We’ve all been in a meeting surrounded by tangled cables strewn across the table and a laptop balancing on a chair in the corner because the cable isn’t long enough. It’s hard for staff to become engaged in the meeting in an unaesthetic environment filled with distractions.

With a wireless presentation system, you no longer have to worry about messy, tangled cables and what plugs into where or if the system is even compatible with your device. The systems we provide are compatible with all devices and beam content wirelessly at the click of a button.

No Lengthy Setups and Awkward Moments

Meetings can be a great use of time for employees, whether it’s planning, collaborating or simply the usual Monday meeting to prepare everyone for the coming week – but when time gets wasted setting up equipment to share your screen on a larger display, it can quickly become and unproductive session. That’s where wireless presentation systems come in. One click of a button and your screen will be shared to the large-format display quick and easy, with no further setup required.

Works With BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

With the ever-growing popularity of BYOD policies in the workplace, it makes sense to get a system that works with the technology your employees are using, not against it.

A BYOD policy in the workplace has a number of benefits, including boosted productivity as employees are using devices they’re used to, and there’s also a cost-saving element as each employee won’t need to be bought specific equipment for the job such as laptops and smartphones. With a wireless presentation system, you have a solution that works effortlessly with your employees’ devices, whilst being future-proof due to its ability support different devices as the technology advances.

Presentations On-The-Go

A big benefit of a wireless presentation system is that it can be taken out of the office and used in exactly the same way in a different place. Because of its ability to beam content onto any display, a wireless presentation system can become a part of your sales team’s toolkit to support them in their meetings on-the-road, and give them a helping hand when trying to secure that new client.

Improved Collaboration

We all want to get teams working together, and a wireless presentation system can help make it easier than ever. Anyone can easily beam their content from their own device during a meeting to add their thoughts and ideas, and with some systems (such as the Mersive Solstice 4.0), employees can use their phone as a markup tool to point and draw on screen during the presentation.

Our Solutions

We are a leading UK supplier and installer of Wireless Presentation Systems for businesses. We partner with leading technology manufacturers such as Barco, Crestron and Mersive to ensure that we provide a world-class solution from initial design, to integration and ongoing support. Get in touch for more information by calling 0800 368 7358 or visiting our contact page.

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