Nureva Span Workspace – End of Service Notification

Nureva Span Workspace – End of Service Notification

As you may know, Nureva have made the decision to terminate the Span Workspace service on September 30, 2021.  We trust that this long notice period will provide you with the time that you need to determine a transition plan and find an alternate service.

Span Workspace will be inaccessible to users following September 30, 2021, and all data within the service will be permanently deleted within the following 60 days.

This notification has been sent to all administrators in each subscription (you may have multiple administrators in your subscription). You can see all the administrators in your subscription in your account console within Span Workspace on a browser – just click your name in the upper-right corner to access your account console. Additional administrator support can be found here.

Your Preparations

You should consider taking the following actions to prepare for the termination of the Span service:

  • Coordinate your plan with all your administrators, if you have more than one
  • Notify all users in your subscription of the pending end of service in a timeframe that makes most sense to you – Nureva will only notify administrators, not all individual users in a subscription
  • Inform your users to export any canvases they wish to keep to PDF, Excel® or both. Instructions can be found here.

Your Subscription

If you purchased a subscription through ClearVC, please get in touch with us directly. Otherwise please contact your reseller regarding your subscription and its renewal. We will look at each scenario on an individual basis to ensure that you are afforded the best possible use of Span Workspace and transition during this period until EOS.

If you complete your transition to an alternate service and would like to have your account deactivated prior to the end-of-service date indicated above, please email with your request.

In the meantime, Nureva technical support will be available to you through to the end of service via their online help centre or by emailing

Nureva Wall System

If you also have a Nureva™ Wall system, it is fully compatible with all Windows® applications, including all multitouch, multiuser applications. This notification does not affect the status of Nureva Wall or your warranty with respect to this product.

A Message from Nureva

“As a company, we will be moving forward with a sharp focus on our Microphone Mist™ technology platform. We will continue to develop our audioconferencing product line up that features integrated microphone and speaker systems for Zoom Rooms, Teams Rooms and other web conferencing services.

We have created a subsidiary company, Nialli Inc., that is focused on group collaboration tools for very specific applications. We have just launched Nialli™ Visual Planner that is closely aligned to the Last Planner System used in lean construction. Other applications are contemplated and under development in close collaboration with select customers. If you wish to learn more from us about our plans for these specialized collaboration tools and how they might intersect with your needs, please reach out to us either directly or through your reseller.

Thank you for the confidence that you have expressed in our products over the years. We understand that this news/confirmation may disappoint you, as many of our customers are so passionate about their use of Span Workspace.”

Getting in Touch

If you purchased your subscription through ClearVC and would like more information or support, please call 0800 368 7358 or email

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