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Logitech create a high-quality, scalable Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) solution for agnositc videoconferencing rooms of any size. The Logitech Rally solution comes in many forms, but always provides consistent HD video and audio.

Why buy Logitech BYOD system from ClearVC?

    • We can specify the right solution for your business needs
    • Highly experienced in installing agnostic videoconferencing solutions
    • Solve challenging acoustic environments
    • Experienced helpdesk and on-site support

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Logitech Rally delivers studio-quality video, unmatched vocal clarity, and RightSense™ automation for better, more natural meetings with most any software-based video conferencing service. Beautifully finished in matte black with slate grey metal accents, Rally components deliver elite performance and exceptional versatility with sleek style.


Logitech Rally sets the standard for video quality, vocal clarity, industrial design, and meeting automation. Modular audio, expansive PTZ capabilities, and Ultra-HD video are combined with Logitech’s RightSense™ technologies that automatically frame human figures and optimize colour and luminance for human faces.

Logitech Rally BYOD
Logitech RightSense


Logitech RightSense™ technologies—including RightSight™ camera control, RightLight™ video optimization, and RightSound™ enhanced audio—make meetings better automatically. Available on Logitech Rally and a growing number of Logitech video and audio components, RightSense technologies work with all leading video conferencing platforms to simplify deployment and deliver a consistent outstanding user experience.

Rally Camera

With advanced optics, premium design, and RightSense™ automation, the standalone Logitech Rally Camera complements third-party speakerphones and audio systems to bring boardroom-quality video, automatic framing and light optimization to most any video conferencing service.

Logitech Rally Camera

Logitech BYOD Solutions

Logitech Rally PTZ

Logitech Rally PTZ Camera

Logitech Rally Bar

Logitech Rally Bar

Logitech Rally Plus

Logitech Rally Plus


There’s no better way to understand all of the features and the benefits of a Logitech BYOD system than with a live demonstration with our experts. Book yours today!