Room Booking Solutions


Room Booking Solutions range from a standalone display mounted outside your meeting rooms, to an integrated cloud system, managing all of your rooms and desks, with additional features like visitor management, wayfinding, interactive maps and real-time analytics.

We have been installing Room Booking Solutions for over 10 years and helped organisations in a range of sectors and industries get the most out of their meeting rooms.

Why talk to ClearVC?

    • We provide expert advice to help you choose the right solution
    • We supply a range of solutions for any budget
    • Highly experienced in supplying and installing smart workplace solutions
    • We can integrate your solution into your existing systems and applications
    • Dedicated, experienced helpdesk and ongoing support

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If you’re looking for a Room Booking Solution that can:

  • Maximise meeting room usage
  • Save you money
  • Organise your staff
  • Allow you to manage bookings from anywhere
  • Integrate with your calendar application
  • Provide real-time usage reporting

Then get in touch for a no-obligation chat with our experts. We’ll provide advice and help identify the right solution at the best price.

Our helpful team also provide a free, no-obligation demonstration, where we can show you all of the features and benefits of a Room Booking System.

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If you’re interested in seeing all the features and benefits of implementing a Room Booking Solution, book a free demonstration and let our experts show you!


GoBright Room Booking

We are proud to partner with GoBright, providing the #1 user-friendly software platform for Room, Desk & Visitor Management.


Cloudbooking Meeting Room Booking

Embrace flexible working and increase productivity with an advanced meeting room booking system from ClearVC and Cloudbooking.

Room Booking Panels

Evoko Room Booking Panel

Room Booking Panels provide a simple way to manage your meeting spaces more efficiently, avoid double bookings and maximise meeting room usage.

Microsoft Teams Room Booking Panels

Yealink Room Panel

Dedicated Microsoft Teams Panels that provide at-a-glance information about your Teams Rooms and meetings, and allow you to book meetings easily through the touchscreen.

Who Are We?

ClearVC Auditorium

ClearVC is a specialist supplier and installer of workplace technology, providing videoconferencing solutions expanding its range over time to provide unified communications, telephony, smart spaces and audio-visual solutions.

ClearVC has a broad customer base across a range of industries, from SMEs to Global Corporations as well as Central Government and the wider Public Sector including NHS Trusts, Police Forces and Local Authorities.

Headquartered in Manchester and with engineering teams in Birmingham and London, ClearVC undertakes a huge range of projects on every scale and has been providing technology solutions for over 10 years within the UK and around the world.