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Maximise Efficiency with ClearVC’s Room Booking Solutions

Elevate your office’s efficiency with ClearVC’s Room Booking Solutions. Our solutions ensure that every meeting room in your company becomes a well-utilised resource, saving costs and optimising space usage. Embrace effortless management of your meeting areas, allowing teams to schedule meetings on the go and eradicate double bookings and scheduling conflicts. Our solutions, adaptable to any size organisation, come equipped with additional features like wayfinding and integration with third-party applications.

ClearVC collaborates with leading Room Booking Solution brands to deliver top-tier solutions for organisations of all sizes. With over a decade of industry experience serving SMEs, Corporations, NHS Trusts, Governments, and more, we offer expert advice, design, supply, installation, and maintenance of systems tailored to your unique needs. We’re more than just a provider – we’re your partner in navigating the challenges of modern workplace dynamics.



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Choose ClearVC for an easy-to-use, reliable room booking system. We ensure a smooth installation process and a solution that perfectly aligns with your organisation’s needs. Experience our unlimited real support with a helpful helpdesk and continuous after-sales assistance. Our team is always ready to provide real-time, human-centric support for any challenges you might face.

Key features include:

  • Easy scheduling of meetings on-the-go
  • Seamless integration with existing calendar applications
  • Mobile app for convenient booking management
  • Maximising meeting room usage
  • Cost savings and staff organisation
  • Detailed reporting and management capabilities


Ready to transform your meeting room management? Contact our team at 0800 368 7358 or book a free, personalised demo to explore the full potential of our Room Booking Solutions.

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