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Unified Communications is a cloud-based solution that supports all communications functions for businesses, in the office, at home or on the go.

In a time when customers are rightly demanding better service and an extra special experience from their suppliers. We know first hand, that the use of a best-in-class Unified Communications platform that brings together telephony, conferencing, instant messaging/chat, screen sharing and whiteboarding, as well as video conferencing and tight integrations into your business systems, can help set you apart from your competition.

If your business depends today on desk telephones connected to a PBX (that on-premises telephone system on the wall or in a server room in your building) then perhaps now it’s time to think about replacing this aged technology for a cloud-based telephony service.

What is Unified Communications?

Calling Plan for Office 365

We live in a world where work is no longer confined to a desk in an office. The technology available today allows staff to work from virtually anywhere with an Internet connection, whether that’s at home, at a hot-desk in the office or on-the-go. A Unified Communications platform gives employees access to telephony, videoconferencing, chat, collaboration and file sharing in a single application wherever they are.

What are the Benefits of Unified Communications?

  • Integrate calls, email, chat and collaboration into a single app
  • Improve customer service and shorten response times
  • Boost collaboration with remote staff
  • Same user experience across a multitude of devices
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Reduce IT, integration and support costs
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How Can We Help?

Unified Communications as a Service

ClearVC can advise on:

    • How Unified Communications in the cloud can enhance internal and external Customer Experience (CX) as well as maintain minimal operational cost
    • Where and how integrations into your business system can aid productivity and improve CX
    • The features for a UC platform that your organisation can benefit from and where required a customer support platform providing contact centre capability and how these can enhance your communications strategy
    • Consideration for your business strategy and the most impactful use of UC technology to assist your aspirations

Then we will:

  • Make introduction to the most appropriate of suppliers and as your advocate, manage their introduction so as to ensure that they deliver the most appropriate and best available solution for your own particular needs
  • Accompany you along the journey, managing the identification and introduction of suitable suppliers, production of technical and commercial proposals, as well as the eventual evaluation and recommendation for the optimum solution and supplier or for your organisation’s needs
  • Stay with you long after the ink on the service agreement has dried, to make sure that your adoption of the new technology is successful
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