Evoko Room Booking Panels


Effectivize your meeting culture and optimise the use of your office space with an Evoko room booking system. Easily book via mobile app, in Outlook or directly on the room manager devices outside of the meeting rooms.

See the status of the meeting rooms already from a distance and use our insights and analytics to continuously improve and adapt to the needs of your organisation.

Benefits of an Evoko room booking panel:

    • Save costs and organise your staff
    • Maximise usage of your meeting spaces
    • Schedule meetings easily and on the go
    • Integrate with your existing calendar application

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Room Booking Panels

Room Booking is for Everyone

As long as you have one or more meeting rooms you can effectively minimise double bookings and handle the flow of people in your premises in a better way using this technology.

The Cloud Suite

When choosing a cloud-hosted solution for your workplace management, all the data is stored in the cloud and it’s easy to add functionality and tailor make your system depending on your company’s individual needs. The license-based cloud solution enables the most sophisticated room booking experience to date and makes it easy to manage your workplace.

Naso Room Manager

A cloud-hosted room device for easy interaction and room booking. This is the heart ofEvoko’s cloud suite, a room manager that covers everything from basic booking to an extensive range of functions. It’s placed outside each bookable meeting room, conference room and other bookable areas.

Evoko Naso Room Manager
Naso mobile app

Naso Mobile App

The companion app for Naso, Naso mobile app, features room and desk booking as well as colleague finding. The app easily let’s you check in to the meeting and gives you notifications and reminders for your meetings.

Insights and Analytics

Maximise the potential of your office with Insights, an analytics tool which brings reports on many aspects of space utilisation within the office.

Dynamic Maps

Dynamic Maps

Using dynamic maps, it is possible to guide visitors and employees on their floor-plans and see available spaces, or search for a colleague.

The Self-Hosted Suite

It couldn’t be easier. The self-hosted suite offers a complete room booking system with Evoko’s awarded room manager that has satisfied customers since 2009.

Liso Room Manager

A device for easy interaction and room booking. This is the heart of the suite, a room manager that brings all the features you need in a room booking device. It’s placed outside each bookable meeting room, conference room and other bookable areas.

Get a room app

Get A Room App

With the get a room app, working on the go is super easy! Book, share and invite colleagues to the meeting too. With easy to use filters like time, capacity & equipment, you’ll see best matches first, along with suggestions if you’re preference isn’t available. Quick and simple. Efficiency at it’s best!

Multi-Tenant Booking

Multi-tenant booking is Evoko’s latest advance. It’s the perfect partner for co-working collaborative environments where you use shared office spaces. No additional booking system required. No common email domain needed. Co-working compatible.

Evoko Multi-Tenant Booking
Evoko Overview Screen

Overview Screen

See the full meeting room schedule at a glance with overview screen in home admin portal. Choose between the whole building or just one floor.


There’s no better way to understand the benefits of an Evoko room booking panel than a live demonstration with our experts.