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Smart Spaces refers to intelligent systems in the workplace that enable hybrid working, boost efficiency and productivity, and increase safety and security.

Market research is saying that 82% of companies are now planning to offer a hybrid work model, allowing staff to work from home and the office. To prepare their workplace for a hybrid work strategy, many organisations are implementing room and desk booking solutions to manage hot-desks and meeting rooms efficiently, ensuring that staff have an allocated desk available when they arrive.

To see who is on-site at any time, including employees and visitors, a sign-in solution and visitor management systems can be implemented. These provide real-time data and analytics, for added safety in emergencies where the building needs to be evacuated.

ClearVC partner with leading brands such as GoBright, Condeco, InVentry and other top brands to provide intelligent Room and Desk Booking Systems, Sign-In Solutions, Visitor Management and Door Access Control.

What Are Smart Space Solutions?

Smart space solutions are intelligent systems and applications created to help you better manage your premises, increase efficiency, modernise your workplace and raise your safety standards for anyone on-site at any time.

Solutions include cloud-based Room and Desk Booking Systems, Sign-In and Visitor Management Solutions and Door Access Control. These solutions come with a range of additional features such as wayfinding, real-time analytics and access from anywhere via dedicated mobile apps.

Tripleplay Meeting Room Signage
Room Booking Solutions

Benefits of Smart Space Solutions:

  • Organise staff and increase efficiency
  • Meet the demands of a hybrid workplace
  • Save costs and manage your spaces
  • Increase safety for anyone on-site
  • Real-time data and analytics

Our Smart Space Solutions

Room Booking Solutions

We work with the industry-leading technology providers for complete, integrated room booking solutions with a range of additional features such as wayfinding.

Cloudbooking Meeting Room Booking
Smart Space Solutions

Room Booking Panels

Room booking panels are compact touchscreen devices that sit outside a meeting room, allowing you to see availability and book the space on the spot.

Microsoft Teams Room Panels

Microsoft Teams Room panels are compact touchscreen devices that are mounted right outside your meeting rooms. They allow you to book your Microsoft Team Room directly through the panel.

Microsoft Teams Room Panels
Desk Booking Solutions

Desk Booking

Whether you’re returning to the office, or implementing hybrid working for your staff, a desk booking solution from ClearVC can enhance your workplace, staff productivity and efficiency

Interactive Displays

We are proud to partner with a range of interactive display providers, offering large multi-purpose screens with up to 20 compatible touchpoints.

Interactive Displays
Solutions

Visitor Management

Visitor management allows you to securely and accurately keep track of anyone visiting your premises.

Solutions

A sign-in solution from ClearVC can vastly improve security and safety, as well as monitor who is on site at any time and help streamline evacuations in an emergency.

Solutions
Paxton Access Control

Door Access Control

A door access control system can ensure the safety of your staff, and stop unwanted visitors accessing your premises. We provide secure solutions, from wireless door handles to video surveillance systems.

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Room Booking Solutions

Why ClearVC?

  • We supply simple, easy-to-use and reliable smart space solutions
  • We are certified reseller partners of leading, global brands
  • We integrate your solution to your existing apps and systems
  • Expert advice and we find the right solution for your needs, at the best price
  • Highly experienced team

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