Digital Signage Solutions


We are proud to partner with a range of Digital Signage platform solution providers, offering Digital Signage, IPTV and Video On Demand under one platform making it possible to deliver any content, to any screen, on any network.

Ranging from a single screen player to full network solutions with WAN & LAN connectivity, Clear VC can design and implement a solution to meet your complete needs.

The benefits of digital signage include:

    • Helps to boost your sales
    • Instantly capture the attention of viewers and make a big impression
    • Provide viewers with standout visual experiences
    • Enhances public and workspace areas
    • Provides a perfect marketing opportunity
    • Gets 72% more attention than online ads

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Standalone Digital Signage

Standalone Digital Signage systems save the hassle and complicated set up, as they are not connected to a network. This is a great option for networking events and exhibitions as no Internet access is required to download and run the content on the displays.

We partner with NowSignage when installing a Standalone system. NowSignage for screens is a platform that allows you to send targeted content to any screen at any time. Ideal for displaying advertising and engaging communications across retail, office or campus screens.

NowSignage’s innovative technology gives you 24/7 uptime, with or without internet connection. Playing the content directly from local storage ensures maximum reliability and security.

Subscription-Based Signage

Subscription-Based Digital Signage is a cost effective, easily deployed cloud solution.

We partner with Tripleplay for this solution, using their TripleLite service. TripleLite is a simple but powerful digital signage system that is hosted on a server run by Tripleplay. It’s designed to host signage with fairly static content such as sale banners or advertisements in retail stores, or the price of items in a café.

The content for the displays to show is downloaded from Tripleplay’s server and then stored locally on a memory stick, which is inserted into a set top box. The set top box then runs the content and displays it on-screen on a predefined schedule. Users can access the Tripleplay server locally and use text, graphics, sound and video to create animation sequences, which can then be uploaded to the TripleLite server.

TriplePlay Logo
TriplePlay Logo

Server-Based Signage

Server-Based systems are contained by the company in an on-site server, allowing total system control.

Server-based system’s are a cost effective and highly secure solution, the platform we use requires very little expertise to operate and maintain. These systems deliver high-quality IPTV and digital signage content across an local network without needing to be connected to the World Wide Web.

We partner with Tripleplay for this solution as they are trusted by the military across the globe, central government and by local government departments for their server-based digital signage systems.

Design & Consultancy

These days, the way we communicate a message internally or externally relies increasingly on the use of technology.

From a user catching up on training videos to sharing motivational corporate messages across a sales floor or attracting customers with a vibrant, moving window display, visual communication is central to business communication in all sectors.

Digital Signage Solutions
Digital Signage Installation


Our highly experienced team will ensure the very best finish to all your digital signage installations, from small to large applications.

From the initial design concept to the final digital signage system, we have the experience and know how to ensure the best results for your objectives.

Training & Support

Ultimately the right technology means nothing without the right approach to training and support. With digital signage system handover training with all installations and the offer of unlimited training throughout the duration of a support agreement, rest assured that your investment will be protected to the best of our abilities.

Digital Signage Installers


There’s no better way to understand how digital signage can benefit your business than a live demonstration with our experts.


Our helpful team are on hand to discuss your requirements and guide you through the process.

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